Vincent LEGRAND, Managing Director, négaWatt

A physical engineer with a degree from Science Po Paris, Vincent has experience working on sustainable energy policies.

France, Rhône Alpes

A physical engineer with a degree from Science Po Paris, Vincent has experience working on sustainable energy policies, implementing an EU project in the Camargue region of southern France and helping various companies define their energy strategies.


négaWatt's mission

To prepare and support the players who are driving the transition to renewable energy (decision makers, opinion leaders and public or private operators in construction, energy and sustainable development) and to promote the "négaWatt scenario" for a sustainable energy system in France.


The challenge

The current energy system is untenable (greenhouse gas emissions, increasing scarcity of natural resources, fuel poverty). In light of this observation, the négaWatt proposal maps out a path to a new energy model for France, with positive environmental and socio-economic effects. However, the concrete implementation of this proposal remains to be done.


The mission

The mission of Institut négaWatt is to accompany the energy transition actors (decision makers, influencers and public or private operations people in construction, energy and sustainable development) in order to implement the transition to a viable energy system.


The objectives

  • Build and share understanding of the energy transition and the means for its implementation.
  • Help improve the expertise of the actors involved in this transition.
  • Accompany them in pilot projects and implement the projects that work.
  • Disseminate best practices and understanding in the energy sector.


The principles and means of action

  • Studies and research in the energy and sustainable development sectors.
  • Professional training initiatives.
  • Experimentation with innovative projects and their possible implementation, as with DORéMI.
  • Dissemination of resources.


The project initiator

Vincent LEGRAND, director of Institut négaWatt since its creation, is a physics engineer and graduate of Sciences Po Paris. He previously worked on sustainable energy policy in an associative research unit, then on a European project for sustainable development implementation on a local level.

His motivations: build the tools required for the energy transition, be of service to citizens and the actors of this transition as part of a win-win approach. His convictions: changing our relationship to energy will change our relationship to the world and to nature.

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