Our mission


Created in 2013, the Rexel Foundation has developed numerous initiatives to drive energy progress.

Energy efficiency, and energy progress in general, lie at the heart of Rexel’s business. The Group’s intent in creating its Foundation was to contribute its skills and expertise to the fight against fuel poverty.

Through this commitment, Rexel wants to produce a positive impact on the economy, education, the environment, health and safety


Video presentation of the Foundation


Impact of the Rexel Foundation

Placed under the aegis of the "Fondation de France", the Rexel Foundation relies on three kinds of programs to fulfill its purpose.

Community projects

  • Improve access to energy among the most disadvantaged populations by financing and supporting projects initiated by associations or foundations in the area of education about energy issues and behavioral change, professional training, renovation and home equipment.

Social innovation projects

  • Promote socially innovative solutions and models in the energy sector via a social entrepreneur joint-skills platform, which provides financial support through skills sponsorship, equipment donation or logistical assistance.

Academic studies and research

  • Develop knowledge and raise awareness of energy efficiency by creating a shared knowledge base through studies, conferences and workshops.
  • Encourage innovation and the development of new solutions via research programs in the energy efficiency field.

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