Rexel France supports the renovation of micro hydroelectric power plant in Velaux

Promoting the participative funding of renewable energy to secure the energy transition


Description of the project

Thanks to financial support from the Rexel Foundation, Enercoop and Provence Energy Citoyenne (Provence Citizen Energy) were able to communicate and raise awareness of the project of renovation of the "Marie-Thérèse" in the local community.  

Alexandre P., employee from Rexel France, joined forces with 28 other citizens – members of local authorities and representatives of companies in the Velaux region – to launch Provence Énergie Citoyenne . This is a social enterprise whose aim is to help citizens regain control of their electricity production and natural resources and pave the way for the transition to a clean local energy economy.


Interview of Alexandre P. from  Rexel France

From a personal perspective, I'm convinced that the energy transition should be managed by the community as a whole. Every day, we are confronted with the administrative complexities that delay the launch of large-scale projects handled by the big players in the energy sector. What’s great about this project, is that it’s innovative on several levels: it's the first hydroelectric project carried out by citizens of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, and the subsidies we’ve obtained from the region prove that it’s also the most successful to date. From a professional perspective, it's fascinating for me to be immersed in this environment. Everything moves very fast in this sector from both a regulatory as well as technical point of view, and I'm learning a lot about a new industry that is in the processed of being established or revived across various locations.

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