Rexel employees in Asia-Pacific support a green energy project to help a remote community in Cambodia

Rexel in Asia-Pacific is helping install solar PV panels in a Cambodian village alongside WISS and PAPA Cambodia


Rexel employees in Asia-Pacific have taken action alongside WISS and the NGO PAPA Cambodia to strengthen the electrical production capabilities of the village of Preah Dak, located in Cambodia’s Siam Reap region. This project was the 3rd Prize Winner of the “Rexel Foundation and Employees Award”, which was launched during EcoDays, a Rexel Group initiative to promote community projects supported by employees. The prize helped fund the installation of solar PV panels.


Since 2011, the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) has supported the charitable works of the NGO Partnering Against Poverty Association (PAPA Cambodia), whose aim is to improve the daily living conditions of inhabitants in the remote village of Preah Dak. A community center, housing and a dental clinic have already been built thanks to this partnership. WISS and PAPA Cambodia have also installed electric motorbike charging points, water pumps for irrigation and other types of agricultural infrastructure near the village, thus contributing to improving villagers’ quality of life, creating jobs, promoting sustainable farming practices and even starting a waste-recycling program in the community.

In 2016, WISS and PAPA Cambodia plan to build a school and additional housing. However, the village of Preah Dak is not yet connected to the electrical grid because of its remote location, and the villagers are still using lead-acid batteries or diesel generators to supply their energy needs. Rexel teams in Asia-Pacific wanted to help strengthen Preah Dak’s electrical production capabilities by contributing to funding the installation of solar PV panels. This will meet inhabitants’ energy needs and cover the village’s increased energy consumption generated by the creation of new infrastructures.


  • Meet the community’s increased energy needs
  • Stimulate the village’s economic activity
  • Establish a clean, autonomous and sustainable means of energy production


By supporting this project during the EcoDays campaign organized by Rexel, and with help from the Group’s employees, Rexel’s teams in Asia-Pacific gathered the necessary means to supply solar PV panels, mounting systems, cabling and electrical protection to the site. Preah Dak thus has a clean, sustainable, self-sufficient energy source that will contribute to its development.

“Thanks to the involvement of the Rexel Foundation and the Rexel teams in Asia-Pacific, PAPA and WISS can give a local community in Cambodia the means to become self-sufficient in generating their own sustainable and clean energy.” John Cuccinello, professeur at the Western International School of Shangai


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