Raising awareness among junior and high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds about professions in the electrical industry

The Rexel Foundation and the Teknik Foundation are joining forces to develop innovative training modules together

2015 to 2020

Every year, 140,000 youth leave the educational system without any kind of diploma or qualification. The technical fields offer major employment opportunities and provide these youth with a means of social and professional integration.

Under the aegis of the anti-exclusion foundation FACE, the Teknik Foundation is developing a nation-wide project whose aim is to impart an interest in the technical and industrial fields and disprove stereotypes related to these professions in order to further equal opportunity and diversity.

Rexel employees will be involved in developing training modules as well as in leading sessions for junior high students. Among the tools, 3D images that can be manipulated via the Cubtile (a digital teaching tool) will make it possible to display a home electrical system.


Expected results

  • 100,000 young beneficiaries in 5 years.
  • 3,500 company employee participants.
  • 4,000 informed teachers.
  • 15 involved regions.

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