Helping to rebuild villages in the valley around Laprak, Nepal, hit by an earthquake in April 2015

The Rexel Foundation is working alongside Electricians without borders in the emergency deployment of lighting solutions


In the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday, April 25, leaving over 3,700 dead and thousands more injured, the association Electricians without borders took action alongside the Crisis Center at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide long-term assistance to disaster victims.

The Foundation is supporting EWB with its relocation and rehabilitation initiative in several villages in the valley around Laprak. EWB teams will provide the leadership, project management and project ownership for all operations relating to lighting solution implementation.


Expected results

  • Distribution of 3,000 lighting kits among relocated households in target villages.
  • Installation of around 100 public lights (solar lamps) at strategic locations in villages or refugee camps (meeting points, unprotected public areas, circulation areas, etc.).

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