Supporting social entrepreneurship in the energy efficiency sector

The Rexel Foundation partnered with Ashoka to reward social entrepreneurs and innovative project initiators

France, Belgium, Switzerland

The Rexel Foundation has teamed up with Ashoka to award social entrepreneurship in the field of energy efficiency through the IMPACT Program. This program is 100% financed  by Rexel. In February 2013, a call for projects was launched to find and award the best entrepreneurs in the field. The organizations selected will receive career training and personalized support so they can build their growth model and make a bigger impact. The Rexel Foundation will support the two best initiatives (



  • Support innovative business models and projects in energy efficiency with a positive social and environmental impact.
  • Identify best practices in energy efficiency which can be rolled-out on a large scale.
  • Provide training to social entrepreneurs dedicated to energy efficiency.


The projects of the 9 entrepreneurs

  • ABACWeb - develops a free, web-based platform that allows people to monitor their energy consumption.
  • Enercoop Aquitaine - offers a 100 per cent renewable, locally generated energy.
  • Energie Partagée - proposes a citizens' investment tool allowing people to finance renewable energy production projects and support their development.
  • Energies Solidaires - advises and supports local collectives, private enterprises and individuals to better manage energy consumption.
  • négaWatt - designs, forms and supports groups of craftsmen so that they have the technical skills and finances  needed to renovate homes into low energy consuming ones.
  • PIMMS Evry - provides mediation services to prevent vulnerable people having their power cut off.
  • SCIC Les 7 Vents - educates, informs, trains and supports all sectors of civil society in energy transition.
  • SOLENI - suggets innovative service designed to help people looking for employment to become energy efficiency experts so they can advise households in fuel poverty.
  • Ti’éole - organizes training to help people build and operate their own small wind turbines and become independent power producers.

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