Is LED lighting a means of fighting fuel poverty in developed countries?

The Foundation and Osram initiated and funded a study conducted by GreenFlex to assess the true advantages of LED lighting

France - England - Germany

The Rexel Foundation, in partnership with Osram has mandated GreenFlex to conduct a study aiming at clarifying the links between fuel poverty in developed countries and lighting, assessing the potentials, obstacles and benefits of LED technologies as an answer to fuel poverty and identifying the right solutions to deploy LED technologies amongst the low-income consumers. 

Lighting represents only a small portion of household energy consumption – around 15% in Europe – but the stupendous profitability of LED and its user-friendliness could make it a Trojan horse for energy efficiency among the most disadvantaged.

This is one of the conclusions of the study conducted by GreenFlex, a sustainable development consultancy, at the request of the Rexel Foundation and Osram, a world leader in lighting. In order for LED to become a means of propagation, the obstacle of its high purchase price must be addressed: in particular, the study recommends that the investment be made by the energy supplier, who would finance and install lighting by integrating its cost in its invoice.

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