Arno FOULON, Leader of the Energie Partagée network in the PACA region

Arno has dedicated his career to environmental protection and the promotion of alternative energy sources.

France, PACA


The mission of Énergie Partagée

To effect a transition to a relocalized energy system comprising multiple projects based on renewable energy and energy management, controlled by the local territories and their citizens.


The challenge

Multiply energy control projects and renewable energy production projects initiated by citizens or local authorities in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, for a participative energy transition with the region’s citizens.


The mission

Support the formation of alliances between inhabitants and their public authorities and accompany them in their dialogue in order for them to develop, fund and manage their projects themselves.


The objectives

  • Promote the citizen energy model to stimulate jobs and help bring forth projects.
  • Build and lead a network of actors and project initiators.
  • Accompany the initiators of citizen projects in order to encourage the success of their energy transition projects. 


The principles and means of action

  • Participate in public events.
  • Organize public events and technical meetings.
  • Highlight successful citizen projects (development and dissemination of specific project sheets).
  • Assist in fundraising.
  • Create dialogue support tools.


The project initiator

Arno Foulon is based in Marseille. He is in charge of leading the Energie Partagée network in the PACA region and of supporting the emergence and development of citizen energy transition projects. He has been working with this region for over five years with diverse dialogue experiences related to sustainable development.

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