Vincent BERLAIMONT, Administrator of ABACweb

In 2012, ABACweb was created to manage social platforms in order to help those suffering from fuel poverty. 


In 2007, while working as an IT specialist, Vincent began learning about the problems involved in energy conservation. He became part of the Social and Solidarity Economy in 2012 with the founding of ABACweb.

The challenge

Because energy represents a large percentage of household budgets, we invite households to play an active role in their consumption in order to lower their energy bills. When someone encounters financial difficulties, it is easier to help him or her escape from precarity as soon as possible. In the future, collaborations will create a network. Our challenge will be to boost their action in fighting all forms of precarity through knowledge sharing.


The mission of ABACweb

  • Invite web users to take an active role in their energy use by consulting their consumption, which has the effect of reducing it and lowering energy bills by 10-20%.
  • The system set up can detect fuel poverty.
  • Collaborate with social organizations and other public and private structures; experience and knowledge sharing amplifies our actions as well as those of our partners.


The objectives

  • Beyond measuring tools and statistics consultation, ABACweb offers advice and empowers people to participate in this initiative. The objective: reach 140,000 users from now to 2017 thanks to viral buzz.
  • In under a year, more than 6 collaborations/actions have been carried out in the energy sector. 
  • Putting individuals/professionals in touch galvanizes the construction sector and thus creates jobs.
  • ABACweb plays the role of amplifier: multiply our partners’ actions, reduce their implementation delays and measure action impact. 



The principles and means of action

  • Innovate, collaborate and share: the pillars of our activity.
  • Create partnerships with social organizations and all other structures (each person’s experiences can help others).
  • Measure energy consumption and energy efficiency by multiplying tools.
  • Communicate, disseminate information and invite everyone to play a social and/or energy role.
  • Educate, inform and act at the societal level around the world.   


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