Structuring and revision of communication tools

The Foundation enabled ABACweb, an online solution for evaluating energy consumption, to receive expert guidance from a Rexel employee


After spending several months developing the operations of ABACWeb, an online solution for measuring energy consumption and combating energy poverty, Vincent Berlaimont, the company’s founder, realized that his communication needed restructuring.
The Rexel Foundation, through its support Platform for social entrepreneurs, offered him the expert help of the Rexel Group’s Communications Director for publications and public affairs, François Ledard.


Vincent Berlaimont, what was your exact need and what type of help did you receive?

I needed to overhaul my communication plan completely in order to reach my targets and highlight my operations. That means defining the right messages, formulating them in a high-impact way and developing communication tools. François Ledard brought in a method and a high level of professionalism that allowed me to construct, with his help, a clearer, more precisely targeted message in just a few weeks. We also finalized two brochures and a press release, and restructured the website
For an entrepreneur like myself, an IT specialist by training, it was a wonderful opportunity to learn from François, to benefit from his know-how while getting a crash course in the field of communication.


François Ledard, what were your favorite aspects of this collaboration?

First of all, obviously, it was a stimulating opportunity to step out of my usual role, handling corporate communication for a group that operates on an international scale, in order to focus on the no less crucial communication issues of a very small structure — a one-man company. I felt real satisfaction in mobilizing my skills to help Vincent tell his story, highlight his talents and promote the solutions that he offers to individuals through www.michamps4b of and to companies through
It was especially enriching for me to work with a highly committed entrepreneur whose activity serves a worthy social cause: reducing fuel poverty. And, of course, it was gratifying to see how rapidly Vincent was able to progress with my help.


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