8 winners to join the Les Ambitieuses#TechForGood 2019 program


22 March 2019

 The Rexel Foundation is pleased to announce the 8 2019 winners chosen by La Ruche, after a month and a half of calls for projects in 4 regions, 75 projects studied, 2 days of Bootcamp and 4 juries in the regions.

In Ile-de-France

YesWeGreen offers committed workshops (slow fashion, decoration upcycled, food locavore...) and responsible products allowing those who wish to change their daily lives to easily find these resources near their home and live new Green experiences.

To know more about it: https://www.yeswegreen.org/

Inclood is a digital application that presents a catalogue of video titles adapted in French Sign Language (LSF). The application connects the paper book with a video in LSF, thanks to augmented reality.

To know more about it:  https://www.inclood.fr/


Pays de la Loire Region

Ensemble1job is the first collaborative professional assessment platform, which makes it possible to build a professional project based on group dynamics and the kindness of each individual.

To know more about it:  https://www.ensemble1job.fr/


LeBonPicnic is a collaborative platform that allows curious and gourmet travellers to order a delicious locavore picnic prepared by artisans and cooks located along the way. This approach makes it possible to discover local products and specialities, while supporting traditional shops, the local economy and short circuits. The platform also makes it possible to recommend a craftsman trader to join the LeBonPicnic network and make himself known!
To know more about it:  https://lebonpicnic.com/fr/


Nouvelle Aquitaine Region

PopGame aims to revive interest in board games by rediscovering the collective fun and pleasure of being together, thus recreating the social or transgenerational bond that is lost over the years, while having a positive impact on the environment.

To know more about it:  https://popgame.fr/


EwenLife has built a streaming and information platform dedicated to rare diseases, halfway between Netflix and Wikipedia. Its aim is to put the best of digital technologies at the service of patients suffering from rare diseases and their carers, to break the isolation of patients and to promote a better understanding of these diseases. Digital technologies are also being used to increase the use of telemedicine, which enables rare disease specialists to reassure and support patients on a daily basis.

To know more about it:  https://www.ewenlife.org/


Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region

Weydo Music designs and manufactures innovative musical interfaces that make music accessible to people with motor and cognitive disabilities. This range of musical interfaces is intended to improve the care of patients by therapists, without any prior musical or technical knowledge.

To know more about it:  https://weydomusic.com/


Listen Léon, the self-esteem safe, allows to develop the culture of collaborative recognition in the company, thanks to an application allowing to exchange anonymous, sincere and authentic compliments on the skills of his professional entourage. One objective: that everyone may become aware of their strengths through the benevolent gaze of others and give the best of themselves thanks to the trust of the collective.

To know more about it:  https://weydomusic.com/


To follow the adventures of these winners, meet next May to learn about the progress of the projects, a quick assessment of the applications and the first results of the impact measurement of La Ruche!



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