The Rexel Foundation publishes the story "Innovating Otherwise " : creation of a community of actors in Roubaix

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10 May 2019

A look back at the emergence of a community of actors in Roubaix around fuel poverty. 
What is the collective response to this?  

The "Innovating Otherwise" story tells how the Rexel Foundation has enabled the emergence of a community of actors in Roubaix around fuel poverty through a series of four collective intelligence workshops that began in September 2018 and continued until December 2018. These workshops were co-constructed in partnership with Ouishare, whose main mission is to contribute to the building of a society based on sharing, collaboration and contribution.

Indeed, the Foundation undertook to launch an experiment on Roubaix territory at the end of the fourth edition of the Rexel Foundation's Innovation Day in June 2018. 80 people - its partners, Roubaix residents, associations and local institutions - had been gathered to work together to develop solutions to get out of fuel poverty.

The aim is to identify ways out of fuel poverty in Roubaix and to activate a network that would be able to experiment with these ideas in 2019.

 Download the "Innovating Otherwise" story co-written by the entire community

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