8 champions join the women startup leaders’ program Les Ambitieuses#TechForGood 2019


22 March 2019

The Rexel Foundation is pleased to unveil the 8 champion startups nominated by La Ruche after a 6-week call for projects in 4 of the French regions, the assessment of 75 projects, a 2-day Bootcamp and 4 examination sessions.



 Ile-de-France Region


YesWeGreen proposes green workshops (slow fashion, upcycled interior decoration items, local produce…) as well as eco-friendly products for those who aim to change their daily way of living and easily find these items next door or experience creative DIY sessions.

More on: https://www.yeswegreen.org/


Inclood is a mobile app that provides a translation into sign language of associated story books. The augmented reality video is launched after scanning the page with a smartphone.

More on: https://www.inclood.fr


Pays de la Loire Region


Ensemble1job is the first collaborative platform for occupational assessment performance; anyone can get professional insight and redefine their career path while building on the enabling force and willingness of the group, and benevolence of each supporter.

More on: https://www.ensemble1job.fr/


LeBonPicnic is a collaborative platform for curious and gourmet day trippers to order a delicious picnic made up of fresh food prepared by local cooks. Travelers can therefore discover and taste premium produce and traditional specialties while supporting local producers and preferring short distribution channels. The platform also provides the option to recommend anyone who treated you to a delicious meal on your journey.

More on: https://lebonpicnic.com/fr/


Nouvelle Aquitaine Region


Popgame aims to revitalize the board game experience while proposing families and friends to rent and try out board games that are delivered at home with fresh snacks or appetizers made up of local produce. With a new way of promoting board games, based on the pleasure of spending a fun moment with relatives and the revival of a playful experience, Popgame intends to recreate the social or transgenerational ties that have been lost over the years, while having a positive impact on the environment.

More on: https://popgame.fr/


EwenLife has created a streaming platform -kind of a mix between Netflix and Wikipedia- aiming to provide video information (including patient testimonies or healthcare professionals’ interviews) about rare diseases. Their purpose is to build on digital technologies to help patients feel less isolated, provide caregivers with information that they usually lack and provide some support to patients in their daily lives.

More on: https://www.ewenlife.org/


Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region


Weydo Music designs innovative music interfaces which make it possible for disabled patients with motor or cognitive disorders to practice music. These electronic instruments can be used by therapists as well for rehabilitation projects using music in health facilities.

More on: https://weydomusic.com/


Listen Léon is a wellness app, holding the key of our self-respect. Using the app in a company contributes to develop and promote a culture of collaborative acknowledgement of team members’ merit based on genuine compliments delivered anonymously by colleagues. The aim of Listen Léon is to raise team members’ awareness of their strengths and capabilities thanks to their peers’ positive feedback and encourage them do their best at work based on the teams’ trust.


More on: https://listenleon.com/hello



If you want to follow these champion startup leaders’ journey, please note that additional information will be released next May!



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