Supporting LUCISOL, a community project run by Energie Partagée, to create a solar power plant in the PACA Region (France)

The Rexel Foundation helped Energie Partagée structure its financial package and mobilize the local community for its project LUCISOL

Apt (Vaucluse, France)
2015 to 2017


Project description

The association Energie Partagée builds on the energy transition dynamic to initiate community projects involving all local actors for the purpose of revitalizing regional areas.

Launched in 2015, LUCISOL, i.e. “LUberon CItoyen SOLaire,” is the first large community project launched in the PACA region. It is supported by the Local Agency for Energy Transition (ALTE) based in Apt, the PACA Region, the ADEME (Agency for the Environment and Energy Management), and the Pays d’Apt-Luberon community of municipalities.

During the first phase of the project, a solar plant was installed on the rooftops of the LSB La Salle Blanche company in Apt. The electricity it produces is fed into the grid via its sale to EDF OA to serve local needs.  

The association intends to leverage this pioneering experiment in the PACA Region in order to initiate other citizen projects. To develop these projects, Energie Partagée mobilizes local communities via informational meetings, participation in public events, etc.

Early results

The 760 solar panels covering nearly 1,400 m2 of roofing produce approximately 250 MWh per year, representing the equivalent of the power needs of 100 households, or 20% of the public lighting of the city of Apt. The installation also saves the equivalent of 32 tons of CO2 per year.

Find out more about Energie Partagée

Energie Partagée initiates, supports, and finances community renewable energy projects. In order to carry out these activities, the movement is organized into two complementary structures: an association that promotes and organizes its initiatives and a citizen investment tool.


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