Opinion survey on energy efficient solutions

At the request of the Rexel Foundation, OpinionWay questioned around 9,000 consumers and electricians/installers

France, Germany, UK, USA

The global study conducted by OpinionWay on how energy efficiency is perceived by consumers, electricians and installers enabled the Rexel Foundation to validate its position in favor of a better energy future. Indeed, respondents felt the most urgent issue to be that of changing energy-related behavior and uses.



  • To better understand where energy end users and those in contact with them stand on energy efficiency deployment.
  • To gain an overview of differences in various countries regarding how consumers and electricians/installers perceive the energy transition and energy efficiency.


Project description

It is currently well known that a large portion of the population is increasingly interested in the energy debate. It is therefore important to study personal perceptions about energy efficiency in order to adapt the market offering to the needs of consumers and electricity professionals.

Conducted from April 10 to April 23, 2013 across 4 countries (France, Germany, the USA and the UK), the study was based on a sample of 403 electricians and installers and 8,201 consumers. It revealed major trends and challenges that the sector will have to face.


If nothing is done to improve energy efficiency...

  • 94% of respondents feel that the cost of energy will continue to rise.
  • 88% of consumers agree that more people will be unable to pay their bills and fall into fuel poverty.
  • 82% of consumers think that irreversible damages will be made to the environment.

More than a half of respondents feel that the cost of investing in energy efficiency remains the single biggest barrier. Nevertheless, 72% of consumers have made energy efficiency improvements to their homes to reduce their energy bills.

This study validated the Rexel Foundation’s decision to make energy efficiency its unifying theme.

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