Kevin Chaplais, Director of Les amis d'Enercoop

Kevin has joined the association Les Amis d'Enercoop which promotes renewable energy and fights against energy poverty.



To help local organizations implement fuel poverty mitigation programs through financial support.



To enable whoever is engaged in the ongoing energetic transition to support collective solutions tackling fuel poverty nationwide.



  • To develop micro-donations on energy bills  for consumers, and energy donations for renewable energy producers
  • With the support of experts on the topic, to select the fuel poverty mitigation programs most likely to effectively address this issue.
  • Promote micro-donations on energy bills to other energy suppliers


Principles and means of actions

  • Open governance
  • Foster preventive actions instead of curative ones
  • Promote supported programs on the platform
  • Keep donors informed with the allocation of their donations as well as the impacts of supported programs on beneficiaries


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