Bizline commits to improving access to electricity for 12 villages in Laos

Alongside Électriciens sans frontières, Bizline is contributing to the installation of sustainable energy production solutions in Laos


Bizline is supporting Électriciens sans frontières (ESF) through a partnership to provide green energy for 12 villages in Laos. This project was the 2nd Prize Winner of the “Rexel Foundation and Employees Award”, which was launched during the EcoDays campaign, a Rexel Group initiative to promote community projects supported by employees. The Rexel Foundation’s help enabled the installation of hydroelectric and solar energy production solutions.


Bizline has supported ESF since 2013 via various initiatives to improve energy access for disadvantaged communities. In the region of Phongsaly, located in northern Laos, the aim is to cover the economic, ecological and social needs of villagers by providing them with access to clean, sustainable energy.

Alongside ESF, Bizline is contributing to the installation of solar PV panels and hydroelectric equipment, as well as to the construction of a multi-functional platform to improve the region’s electrification.


  • Cover the energy needs of communities in the region of Phongsaly
  • Develop new income-generating economic activities
  • Help beneficiaries to become self-sufficient via knowledge sharing


The project was financed with funds raised by Bizline employees during the Ecodays campaign. Bizline is also donating some of its own money* to the project, as well as providing donations of tools such as screwdrivers, connectors, protective gloves, extension leads and other hardware for electrical installers. Five villages have already been outfitted with solar PV panels and hydroelectric solutions, thus supplying energy to homes as well as to infrastructures such as schools and hospitals.

Produced autonomously, this energy also powers flourmills, coconut de-shelling machines, sewing machines and wood cutting machines in the villages connected to the multifunctional platform, thus fostering the creation of income-generating activities.

Finally, this project includes a knowledge sharing aspect. The establishment of a local organization to provide equipment maintenance will ensure the installations’ long-term viability.

“The PV panels alongside the hydro-electric installations will provide enough energy to satisfy the requirements of the villagers, supporting the development of income-generating activities and ensuring the economic development of this impoverished population,” said Hervé Gouyet, President of Electriciens sans frontières.

Find out more about Électriciens sans frontières:

Électriciens sans frontières is a recognized public interest international solidarity Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with 30 years of experience implementing electrification projects for disadvantaged communities in developing countries. It designs customized solutions to meet inhabitants’ needs, supplies and installs equipment, and trains beneficiaries in equipment use and upkeep.

*Bizline has committed to donating 5% of the annual turnover generated by its business with vocational schools and colleges to Electriciens sans frontières.


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