Social entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurship means creating an economic activity in response to society's social and environmental needs: access to healthcare, energy and housing, combating long-term unemployment, etc.

As participants in the market economy, social enterprises seek to optimize their economic performance to provide solutions for social and environmental problems that neither the public sector nor the traditional economy have been able to address effectively by themselves.

In short, a social enterprise is an economically viable project, with a social and/or environmental mission, a limited profit entity, with participatory governance.

Members of the Platform of social entrepreneurship in Europe

  • Stacey Epperson, President and Founder of Next Step
    Location :
    United States, Kentucky

    Stacey has worked in affordable housing her entire career.

  • Kevin Chaplais, Director of Les amis d'Enercoop
    Location :

    Kevin has joined the association Les Amis d'Enercoop which promotes renewable energy and fights against energy poverty.

  • Salinee Hurley, co-founder and chairwoman of SunSawang
    Location :

    Salinee has been working on rural electrification and community development projects along the Thailand-Myanmar border since 2005.

  • Laure Delaporte, co-founder of Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y)
    Location :
    France, Luxembourg, Belgium, United States, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Indonesia

    Laure has co-founded LP4Y which aims to facilitate social and professional integration for young people living in great poverty.

  • Anne Charpy, Chairwoman of VoisinMalin
    Location :
    France, Île-de-France et Lille

    Anne decided to create VoisinMalin as a new model that would rebuild link and solidarity through local dynamics and structures

  • Arno FOULON, Leader of the Energie Partagée network in the PACA region
    Location :
    France, PACA

    Arno has dedicated his career to environmental protection and the promotion of alternative energy sources.

  • Vincent LEGRAND, Managing Director, négaWatt
    Location :
    France, Rhône Alpes

    A physical engineer with a degree from Science Po Paris, Vincent has experience working on sustainable energy policies.

  • Tristan KOCHOYAN, Founder Power :On
    Location :
    France, Ile de France

    Tristan wrote his research thesis on social entrepreneurship and served as president of the NGO Action Pour le Bénin in 2009 and 2010.

  • Jay HUDNALL, Director
    Location :
    France, Drôme

    As the founder and director of Ti'éole, Jay is a strong believer in the potential of small wind turbines.

  • Florian GUILLOTTE, European and Innovation Project Manager
    Location :
    France, Normandie

    Florian has developed activities in international cooperation, wind power, hydroelectricity and methanation.

  • Yohann DIDIER, Initiator of the APEA project
    Location :
    France, Aquitaine

    Originally trained as a biologist, Yohann changed his focus in 2006 with a course in energy management and renewable energy sources.

  • Jean-Jérôme CALVIER, Manager of the SOLENI Division / Deputy Managing Director, Ulisse
    Location :
    France, Rhône Alpes

    Originally a physical-chemical engineer, Jean-Jérôme volunteered in fair trade  associations.

  • Vincent BERLAIMONT, Administrator of ABACweb
    Location :

    In 2012, ABACweb was created to manage social platforms in order to help those suffering from fuel poverty. 

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