Optimization of a communication plan to accompany a fundraiser promoting the local production of renewable energies

Energie Partagée received financial support from the Rexel Foundation and expertise from the Legrand Group


In mid-2014, Energie Partagée was preparing its third fund drive. The aim was to raise €3 million to finance a series of civic projects for the local production of renewable energy. To reach that goal, Energie Partagée communication manager Marc Mossalgue developed a communication plan for the launch with the help of Luigi Caricato, External Communications Director of the Legrand Group.


Marc Mossalgue, how did you work together with Luigi Caricato?

First I should point out that for Energie Partagée, whose mission is to return the control of energy systems to local citizens, communication is a key issue. We need to publicize our activities and make sure that, despite the relative complexity of the system, everyone understands how he or she can participate. We also need to advert the projects that we finance in order to keep building momentum and mobilization.

Luigi’s expert perspective, opinions and advice were invaluable for the structuring of the digital communication tools, like the website and Energie Partagée’s presence on the social networks, for example. Thanks to his recommendations I was able to make fast progress, free of the doubts and uncertainties that one inevitably has when working alone.

The third fund drive was launched on Monday, September 22nd, 2014, and from the very first week we received good feedback on the website and the video that we had produced. Our Facebook and Twitter campaigns also brought us good media exposure. Our next challenge is to set up and supervise a network of representatives in the places where we have projects underway with the local citizens. We are fortunate enough to have the financial support of the Rexel Foundation for the first pilot post in the PACA region of southeastern France, and we would be very happy to receive additional help in the form of expertise in the structuring and operation of this territorial network.


Luigi Caricato, what is your assessment of this experience?

My feedback is extremely positive! The social entrepreneurship Platform has allowed me to learn, at the age of 57, that I can tap into 30 years of communication expertise to help a good cause. What a revelation! And what a challenge, because since I was contributing to a social and environmental effort, I wanted my input to have real added value.
From my very first interactions with Marc, I saw that I was dealing with a communication professional — much younger than I am, of course, but with the same principles, the same reflexes. I tried to provide a methodology for the procedure, budget management and regular evaluation of the results in order to readjust the strategy right away. I also helped activate new communication channels, in particular making better use of the free media offered by Energie Partagée’s many partners, like Energy Information Spaces, for example. It forced me to rethink my own working habits so that we could make the best use of the limited budget that was available.
In the process of exploring Energie Partagée’s activity, I also discovered a whole new world: the world of civic projects in the field of energy. Now that I have collaborated with Marc, I feel personally committed to his cause. The project is now in a sense my own and I really want to see it succeed.

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