A solar energy plant constructed in a Chinese School


16 October 2014

The Rexel Foundation has teamed up with a comprehensive solar energy plant/Green IT Classroom initiative intended to provide students at San Xing Elementary School, located in the province of Hebei, China, with access to new technologies and better information.

This green IT classroom is one of the latest initiatives developed by the social enterprise Netspring as part of its “IT Classroom Against Poverty” program. As a result of a judicious partnership, the school gains the benefit of an IT class as well as a free energy source, guaranteeing the long-term viability of the installation, control over the cost of the school’s electrical consumption and, above all, a clean and renewable energy supply. With this goal in mind, Faurecia donated 25 computers and the Rexel Foundation funded the installation of a solar plant that enables the building to produce the electricity needed to power the school.

Martine Yip, four months after the opening of the IT classroom at San Xing Elementary School, what is your assessment of the operation?

We are very happy and proud to have participated in this operation. For the students at Sang Xing Elementary to have access to computers and the Internet is a real revolution! Until now, many of the children had never used a computer and knew nothing about the Internet. But beyond the access to new technologies, this project has also allowed us to convey strong messages on the preservation of the planet: computer recycling, producing electricity from renewable energy sources, etc.
Even though the installation doesn't need a lot of maintenance, we stay in touch with the school, and they keep us informed about how the solar plant is working. That’s how we found out that it’s supplying stable electricity as a backup to the local electrical network, which is often unreliable in this mountainous region.
We are convinced of the validity of Rexel’s desire to participate in projects like this, and we hope to install a similar system at another site. We are currently looking at schools and orphanages in the Shanghai region where we could possibly repeat the operation.

Martine Yip, Communications Officer, Rexel Asia Pacific

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