2018 Innovation Day : the Rexel Foundation's annual event

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15 July 2018

A look back at the event in the presence of local actors, the Foundation's usual partners, but also, for the first time, residents of the city in a precarious fuel situation.

2018 Innovation Day : go further in our approach

Innovation Day is the Rexel Foundation's annual event. The objective is to bring together its ecosystem of partners and stakeholders involved in the fight against fuel poverty. The Foundation has chosen to organize its fourth edition at the Condition Publique, an emblematic meeting place in Roubaix, in the presence of local stakeholders, its usual partners and, for the first time, the city's inhabitants in a precarious fuel situation.
The event took place on June 19, 2018. Facilitated by the Roubaix firm Favart, this day was the first step in bringing together local actors and residents. The main objective of these moments of exchange was to listen and better understand the experiences of the inhabitants and actors in Roubaix, or in other territories. This first step confirms that all together we can act on potential improvements.

The follow-up of the Innovation Day: time for action
Fuel poverty affects too many households in France, that there is an urgent need to intervene because this number is increasing, and that the pooling of collective intelligence at the local level should make it possible to reduce it. With this in mind, we are committed to working together through agile experimentation, quickly tested in the field, recognizing the right to make mistakes.
The aim of this experiment is to:
  • Enhance the richness of local solutions and the energy of citizens in the region
  • Bring out new ideas to improve existing solutions
  • Promote synergies between solution providers
  • Facilitate access to these solutions for people in fuel poverty
  • Promote the collective engagement of citizens in the territory

This experience will be done at the local level with local actors. Its purpose is to be documented in order to be quickly deployed on a larger scale in Roubaix and other territories.

As part of this experimentation, the Rexel Foundation undertakes to:
  • To be the architect of this experiment
  • Make resources available to conduct this experiment over 3 to 18 months
  • Integrate problems beyond the habitat into this experimentation
  • Evaluate the impact of the proposed solutions at each development stage with all stakeholders
  • Extend this experience to other territories
As part of this experimentation, the signatory structures undertake to:
  • Participate in the experiment
  • Participate in collective governance and the animation of the network of actors
  • Work in a collaborative and open source approach



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