A concierge service to lower energy bills in American households


Domino’s challenge is to help households lower their energy bills by pointing them to energy-efficient products. From installing a “smart thermostat” to setting up a shared solar energy system and replacing traditional light bulbs with LED, this American start-up advises households on the best energy-saving alternatives for their lifestyle and budget. The service is free but the company receives referral fees for the energy-efficient products it recommends to its customers. “For consumers, it’s very simple. One: You reserve a time for a chat with a concierge. Two: Relax and let us do the work. Three: Start saving!” says Domino CEO Stephen Torres.

The company has partnered with the “100% Campaign”, which promotes a transition to an American energy mix using entirely renewable sources: “The 100% Campaign seeks to create a domino effect,” says Stephen Torres. “Everybody wants cleaner air and water. Everybody wants to save money. Nobody wants blackouts. With the 100% Campaign, we provide people with effective tools to reach their goals.”

A study published by Stanford University in June 2015 indicates that the goal of 100% renewable energy is possible in the United States: can raising awareness among households be considered a first step?

Because the Rexel Foundation cares about this issue, it has lent its support to initiatives such as the Ulisse project, which has replaced energy-consuming equipment in 300 French households over 3 years in order to improve their energy efficiency. Similarly, the Rexel Foundation has worked alongside the social enterprise Energise Sussex Coast in the United Kingdom. Pop-up stands dedicated to energy efficiency were set up in shopping centers, where 600 “energy packs” were distributed to Brighton area households in difficulty.

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